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Health challenges

The rise of incivility and how to manage it

What happened to people being nice to one another?  It seems as if there isn’t a kind word to be heard.  What has happened or changed that has caused this to occur.  I have a few thoughts.

Children are being raised without much of any discipline.  They are no longer respectful of their parents or elders and certainly don’t shy away from telling their parents what they are and aren’t going to do.  Unfortunately parents allow this behavior.  We are seeing the fruits of that type of parenting now in the workforce where these young adults feel like they really don’t have to carry out the mission of the company unless it is on their terms.

Staying positive in a negative world

Lately I have been irritable and angry at all of the negative and fake news.  Thus really isn't healthy.  The world continues to spin out of control ad the so-called leaders are out for themselves and not for the American people.  How can you turn around these feelings and feel positive toward life and the future.  Here are a few tips that seems to be working for me.

1. Limit news time.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, factual news was reported at 6 pm and 10 pm.

Have you heard about Manuka honey?

I was wondering around Costco the other day picking up several items and ran across something I have never seen before, manuka honey.  My last blog gave a run down of some of the great things honey can be used for, so this caught my attention.  The price was quite high, so what is so special about this honey?  This is what I learned.

Manuka honey is a very special honey, considered to be on of the most healing honeys in the world.  It is produced by New Zealand bees pollinating the Manuka bush.

Surviving the relentless Southwest heat

As I write this we are suffering with 112 degrees heat outside.  It’s been that way for more than a week.  It’s getting really old.  I have lived out here since 1972 and I can tell you that it is getting hotter earlier in the year and staying that way into October.    So, how do we survive during this time of year?

1.       Activities have to be done early in the morning, between 5-8 am.  Forget anything strenuous, like hiking or outside construction projects.

The Grieving Process

 It has been about 6 weeks since the whirlwind of events, cancer diagnosis, surgery, consultations with oncologists and radiation oncologists, as well as physical therapists.  I am one that does not like to go to doctors!  Enough!  But, what I am learning, is that I am going through the grieving process.

You may recall, from years ago, the esteemed Swiss-born doctor Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, identified the five stages of grief in her famous book, “On Death and Dying”.  It was initially relating to the awareness of one’s own pending death, but these concepts have broadened to anyone suffering from a significant loss of something very important to them.

It can happen to you!

It can happen to you!
I haven’t written in a while, but I have been quite distracted and occupied.  I debated whether to share my personal experience or not, but decided that if one person was helped it was worth it.

I have been in the healthcare field for more than 45 years.  I have always been the provider, on the other side of the desk.  Recently I have found myself on the other side of the desk.  It was an eyeopener, to say the least.  A very humbling experience.
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