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Diet changes

What is the best diet?

I have tried many diets throughout my life, and all have ultimately failed.  Since my breast cancer diagnosis, I have been on the hunt for the best diet since this is definitely part of the equation to health and healing.  I have been frustrated to receive little to no answers from physicians.  They are uneducated about nutrition in general, and seem to have no interest in learning about it.  Unfortunately, their training is geared to treating symptoms and in prescribing medications.

Things have changed in the past 50 years!

Things have changed!
For those of you who are older, you know that things “ain’t” what they used to be.  Change can be good, but it also can have deleterious consequences.
I have been a healthcare provider for 45 years and was indoctrinated in the ways of medical profession at that time.  Little questioning was done at the time and we just believed in what was taught.  Well, we now know that many things were not correct.  Here’s a few:

1.        Fat foods are bad for you.
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