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Change in difficult- What is your "why"?

Another year is closing in on us and the New Year is around the corner.  One of the most common resolutions for the new year is to lose weight.  Millions of people make it a priority…… year, after year.  The failure rate is high.  Change is difficult and habits are even harder to break.
It is time to reflect on your “why”, the reason for your resolution.  Are you committed?  On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to making changes?   On a scale of 1-10, do you feel you are capable of making those changes.  If you can honestly answer 8,9, and 10, then you have a good chance of success.  If less, than you may not be ready to make the commitment to succeed.  Positive, steady choices are needed for success.  Your “why” must be powerful.
At this point it is necessary to understand that there are three influences that can either support your goals or derail you. Those influences are: input (what you feed your mind), associations (the people that you spend time with), and environment (your surroundings).  Let’s go through each one by one.
Input:    What are you allowing into your brain?  So much of what we see and read is negative and destructive.   We need to be conscious of what we are consuming in our minds, disciplined and protective.  That means limiting the negative news media, which gives us a very biased, perverted view of the world.    Stay informed, but limit the amount and find an outlet that is fair and balanced (good luck!). 
Associations:  This one may be a little disconcerting.  Who are you associating with?  What are their habits?  The folks that you hang around with are called your “reference group.”  According to Dr. David McClelland of Harvard, your reference group determines as much as 95% of your success or failure in life.  These are the folks that we end of eating much of the same things, read the same things, dress the same, watch the same TV programs, and pretty much believe the same things.  We are unaware of these things.  So, look around to your five best friends and take a good hard look.  Are these folks going to support you in your new goals or would you anticipate that they might sabotage them?  Perhaps associations with those that might not support you need to be reassessed; tough decisions may need to be made if your “why” is strong enough.  Remember, not all friendships are meant to be for a lifetime.
Environment:  Environment does not refer to where you live, it is creating a positive environment to support your success.  Is there clutter in your life, both physical as well as mental.  Set up standards in your life that you expect.  Live in peace, not in chaos and stress.  It will suck the energy out of you.  You are worthy of respect.  You have total control over your environment.
So, with the new year approaching, what are your goals, and is your “why” strong enough for success?
Stay well; Stay healthy, Stay focused.
Happy New Year!

Note:  I highly recommend the book: Hardy, D. The Compound Effect. (2010). Da Capo Press.  The information on this blog was found in this book.

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