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Why dietary supplements are necessary.

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There continues to be a great deal of controversy surrounding dietary supplements.  Many profess that supplements are not necessary if you ingest a balanced diet.  I would say that that might be correct IF one eats a balanced diet.  All one has to do is go to a grocery store and stand in line at the checkout to see what people are eating.  It is anything but balanced!  Most have very little nutritious food in their cart.  It is, however, filled with chips, dips, sodas, frozen dinners, pastries, cakes, and junk! 

There are also several other factors that cause a diminished nutritional value in foods.  One, the produce of today does not contain the same nutritional factors as those of 40-50 years ago. Two, many chemicals including pesticides and fertilizers may increase the yield of the crops, but does upset the ecological balance, disturbing the nutritional content, as well as being poisonous to humans.  Currently there are more than one thousand chemicals used in the food processing industry.  Unless you purchase nothing but organic foods, no amount of washing will eliminate these toxins as they are now within the cellular level of the plant.  Much if not all of the produce is picked before it is ripe causing a deficiency in nutrients.  These fruits and vegetables tend to be more acid in nature, instead of alkaline, making humans more prone to disease.  Bread, a staple in most households, is not the same either as it was 50 years ago. Wheat is the one crops that has exceeded corn in acreage planted.  It is one of the most consumed grains on the face of the earth, constituting 20 percent of all calories consumed.   But due to the enormous demand, it has been hybridized, crossbred and changed in order to gain a higher yield and be resistant to drought and pathogens.  It has come at a price; the human intestine has become more permeable, allowing for substances to pass through, causing us to be more vulnerable to diseases.

So, in my mind, good quality supplements are necessary for optimal health.   They are not drugs, and are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease.  The FDA regulations for dietary supplements are not the same as for prescriptions drugs.  Supplements do not require approval of the FDA.  There are a lot of bad supplements on the market, so it is important that you purchase from a reputable company that is science based, has good manufacturing processes.  But, having said that, work with a knowledgeable health care provider to determine what is best for you, and always include your supplements in your list of medications.  Some supplements will interact with medications, so it is imperative that your health care provider has the full picture of what you are taking.

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