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Habits- How to change a habit

Habits- How to change a habit
You have tried and tried and tried to change a habit, such as lose weight.  I would bet that you can name all the different weight loss programs and have tried just about everyone.  Frustrating, isn’t it?  You just want to give up and eat all the pizza or the entire cake, or the whole gallon of ice cream.  Please don’t give up; learn the process of change, if you truly want to change.

It’s time to realize that you can’t really truly extinguish a habit; you have to change and replace it.  Remember, there is a cue, a routine, and then a reward in a habit.  The best way to alter the habit is to keep the same cue and the reward, but change the routine.  That will change the habit.

Let’s take Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for example.  This organization requires people to take a good look at what their triggers or cues are as well as the rewards; the organization then helps them find new behaviors.  What are the rewards that they achieve when they drink alcohol?  For many, it is an escape, or relaxation; for others, it is companionship or a chance to feel free.  AA then strives to achieve the same feelings or rewards by changing their routine, ie, attending AA meetings, rather than drinking.

Now, do some introspection.  What is one habit that you have had for a very long time and wish to change?  Be honest.  What are the cues for that habit?  What is the reward?  What is your usual routine?  The odds are in your favor for success if you change your routine and you commit to the change.

Oh, there is one other very important piece to the success of the change.  It is belief.  Believe that you can do it; believe that it is worthy of change; believe in yourself.

Remember, if you think you can’t; you won’t.  If you think you can, you will!
Until next time.

Stay well; stay healthy; stay focused.

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